Monday, January 13, 2020

Activity Intended for Enhancing a Skill Essay

This paper examines the effectiveness of the activity that is carried out in order to enhance a particular skill. The activity of turning letters into words is selected and carried out as a game between the members of an identified group with the main objective being attainment of improved group performance and development. The paper examines the degree of response achieved in the skill with the help of the intended activity. The game of Turning Letters into Words is an activity that is chosen to improve the development and performance of a group and is a great tool to develop knowledge abilities and skills through participation. Dividing the whole group into smaller teams helps in building a structured approach towards shared group objective. This activity creates a stimulating learning environment for each member and hones their behavioral skills to maximize the team’s performance and development. All the members participate fully in terms giving individual contribution as well as working together with others. Being an integral part of the team and having the responsibility of making the maximum words possible with the provided letters, gives a boost to the team spirit. Each member is then supposed to question oneself about whether the letters contributed by him/her helped or restricted the team members in making the most of the needed long words. This brings out the feeling of cohesiveness and suppresses the individualistic approach, which helps in rapid increase in performance levels. The collective act of choosing the letters and making maximum words not just brings the members together, but also promotes the feeling of trust, cooperation and the winning streak. The feeling of competing at the group level helps he members to cope with the distinct behaviors and perspectives, without getting into the blame game. Each member strives to achieve the maximum number of words by unknowingly working towards the strengths and weaknesses of their own teams and articulating the team’s vision. The activity of forming words as a team helps in establishing clear team guidelines, objectives and a well thought out team orientation process. The process of mapping the individual performance with the team’s overall performance while working at a high capacity in the present role augments the group development to accomplish the maximum performance. However, a close scrutiny of the team members’ reaction reveals that the age group is a significant factor in defining the individual’s response to such skill enhancing activities. The different set of values and attitude characterize the way the older generation is not so rapid with coming up with new words. The newer generation however responds more quickly to such skill grinding activities. Therefore, it can be concluded that strategically designed activities can surely be used to facilitate requisite skills such as yielding performance metrics, provided the management is well knowledgeable about the degree of responsiveness. References http://www. teambuildingportal. com/games/turning-letters-words. php

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