Saturday, February 8, 2020

Identify three accomplishments in your professional career and explain Essay - 1

Identify three accomplishments in your professional career and explain how they demonstrate your potential to become a successful manager - Essay Example This was mainly due to the lack of transparency between management and employees. My firm believes that an organization can reach its maximum potential if its members are allowed to honestly provide as well as accept constructive feedback as it makes the circumstances conducive for mutual growth. Following this belief, I took the risk of singlehandedly approaching the higher management and suggesting them to foster open communication where employees and the management could discuss the sales and marketing plans with each other as a team. Initially, my proposal met with disapproval and I was criticized for being a non-conformist. Nevertheless, the skepticism soon turned into acknowledgement with the implementation of the communication policy as per my suggestion. Management realized the benefits of having the company share future plans with the employees more responsively. Accordingly, it opened a new channel between the employees and the management. Later, I asked myself what had mad e me flow against the main stream. It dawned upon me that this incident was an outcome of the very character-building exercise that I was doing since childhood. That exercise encouraged me to rise and face such situations with integrity and perseverance. I was the leader on a project for a pharmaceutical client. We had to implement a SharePoint – InfoPath solution. As it was our first time with a pharmaceutical client, we just made sure that the estimates were objective and optimistic enough to win us the complete project. The actual design consumed considerably lesser time to be made than it does normally, though I strongly believe that if 80 per cent of the total time on a project is spent on designing and clarifying issues, development takes no more than 20 per cent of the time. I resolved to take added responsibilities in order to make sure

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