Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Relationship Literacy Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Relationship Literacy Article - Essay Example Fundamentally speaking, most forms of abuse originate for the abuser, as a learned behavior. In fact, most abusers were in fact abused themselves as children in the case of either sexual, physical or emotional abuse. When this type of behavior is exhibited to children and youth as a ‘normal’ means of interacting, the individual then proceeds into their future social interactions with the ideology that abusive behavior is not only acceptable but also normal. By implementing relationship literacy on an early childhood educational level and on through the adolescent years, individuals will be more readily equipped with the social and moral tools to properly interact with others throughout their life. This is a two fold process. By teaching and modeling proper human interaction within the school system, children will certainly have a comprehensive understanding of what is socially expected of them as a member of society. Furthermore, the rule of no tolerance towards school v iolence, verbal threats and abuse and sexual forms of abuse; will further instill within children a sense of accountability and consequence. The question of where to begin the approach to relationship literacy training can be answered by approaching the topic where it is most needed. In fact, the origin of the program began in inner city environments, ten years ago, with an approach to anger management as well as an emphasis on the overall importance of personal relationships and healthy social interaction. In so many cases, violence and abuse prevail simply because so many are not equipped with proper mechanisms of dealing with anger and conflict. By placing emphasis on virtues such as sympathy and apathy, programs offering relationship literacy training can prepare children and youth for future appropriate and healthy relationship interaction. With the growing need to address national

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