Monday, August 26, 2019

Teaching Assistant Duties Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Teaching Assistant Duties - Assignment Example He is a visual learner, which would account for his enjoyment of reading. Nathans communication skills need to be further developed through social interaction, ie. playtime, in order for him to feel more comfortable during group activities. Rebecca has developed some level of communication and language learning, however, she is behind in development with her age group. Her profile indicates that she has difficulty concentrating and is easily distracted. This would indicate that she has a short attention span and would require shorter, more interactive lesson activities in order to improve her learning. 1. Learning activities, materials and/or equipment, the organization of pupils, staff, and parent helpers are differentiated by the teacher to ensure that the â€Å"programme of work enables pupils to develop in the manner, and the rate, most appropriate to them† (p.145). This provides pupils with learning activities that offer a â€Å"variety of learning modes and experiences, and a fair balance of both mental and physical activity† (p.145). 4. Praise and encouragement are used by staff towards pupils in the form of â€Å"positive feedback, continuous assessment, and clear explanations† in order to continue and promote steady progress made by the pupils. As a teaching assistant, their role in planning and preparing learning activities involve meeting with the teacher regularly to discuss the â€Å"teachers lesson plans, the objectives of the learning activities†, what the teachers expectations are of the teaching assistants contributions to learning activities and the type and level of support for pupils that is expected (p.130). The teacher and teaching assistant will also discuss strategies for learning activity support. Short, after-lesson discussions should also be included as part of the planning and prepare role. During these discussions, the teaching assistant will give feedback about pupil progress during individual and group activities.

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