Friday, November 1, 2019

SAME SEX MARRIGE Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

SAME SEX MARRIGE - Research Paper Example f same-sex marriage, and whereas there are people who say they should be legalized and rely upon the equal rights for everyone, including gay persons, there are also those who find a lot of arguments against the legalization of homosexual marriages. Mostly those opposing the same-sex marriages claim that the gay people are normally not in the habit to be faithful to each other. However this can hardly serve as a reasonable and sound argument as not all hererosexuals are faithful and devoted husbands and wives. Taking into account that there are multiple benefits (social and emotional) for people who get married, it becomes clear that it would be unfair to deprive gays and lesbians of their right to get married only on the ground of their sexual orientation. In fact, in many countries of the world and some states of America homosexual marriages have already been legalized. So it seems that soon the gay people all over the world will get the right to get married to their partners. There are still, of course, some burning issues that are being argued about and discussed, such as adopting and bringing up children in homosexual families, however even these are being solved now in many world countries basing upon the presupposition of equal rights and equal opportunities for every human being. How can marriage be defined? Marriage is the unity of two people who live together, and this unity should be acknowledged by the society. Such factors as having children, loving each other, and even official recognition (for in some places, it is still possible to marry without registration) are not necessary. It is normally taken for granted by the majority of people that marriages are concluded between two people of different sex; however in the course of history there have been plenty of examples of unities of people of the same gender, and these unities had all features of an â€Å"ordinary† marriage (Sparta, Ancient Greece, Rome, Ancient China and Japan). If we talk about

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