Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Islamic Culture (week 9) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Islamic Culture (week 9) - Essay Example By following this etiquette of differing the Muslim society can maintain the characteristics of love and brotherhood between Muslims (Al-Hashmi, 2007). It is easy for the people to control themselves during the situation of agreement and behave in proper manner. However, when people enter into any kind of disagreement it gets difficult for them to behave in appropriate manner. In order to justify their argument and point of view people indulge in unethical way of arguing which at times also leads to fighting. It is acceptable to have a different opinions regarding any specific topic or matter. The acceptable disagreements allow the people to get hold of different viewpoints with strong evidence and increase their knowledge. However, there are some etiquette of differing in the Muslim society which should be followed by the Muslims. Some of these etiquettes are as follow (Al-Hashmi, 2007): Muslims should use appropriate and good words while arguing and debating with other people and should avoid the use of harsh words, as mentioned in Holy Quran: ‘And Speak good to the people’. [Soorah al-Baqarah 2:83] The purpose of discussion should be to get clarification and to identify truth. The reason behind the discussion or differing opinion should not be for the purpose of satisfying ego or for feeling proud. Lastly, the parties and people involved in debate or discussion should respect the opinion of other people and if no agreement or mutual result is achieved the debate should be ended on positive notes (Baianonie, 1998). Islam has provided the concept of harmony, peace, love, and brotherhood between the Muslims and whole mankind. The concept of brotherhood and harmony among the Muslims is an important element in Islam and huge emphasis have been placed on it from the very start. It is important and essential to maintain the characteristics of love and brotherhood between Muslims because it

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