Thursday, September 26, 2019

An outline marketing plan for the next year for Atlantic Quench302 Essay

An outline marketing plan for the next year for Atlantic Quench302 - Essay Example marketing plan for the company has been developed based on achieving a differentiation competitive advantage by launching a new product in new markets. Although the competitive nature of the juice and nectar segment makes the selected process a risky affair but considering the position of other big brands in the market Atlantic Quench have to act fast and in a steady manner. The marketing plan for Atlantic Quench has the primary objective of getting a jump start by selling 3340000 units of their new product in the target markets i.e. UK, As Atlantic Quench have already created an alliance with Gerber their distribution channel is supported. Moreover, the variety in the product base and the health conscious products of Atlantic Quench will attract consumers towards them. The brand awareness process of Atlantic Quench will be based on their promotional activities with the help of television, leaflet distribution and online advertisements. Also creating alliances and mergers with local distribution channels will help the company to get in direct touch with their consumer base and understand their needs and requirements. It can be observed that the marketing planning process of Atlantic Quench has been designed in a manner so that all the functional aspects are inter-connected and aligned with the overall aim of the business plan. Following the implications of the marketing plan, the budget has been developed which fulfils the necessity of generating a jumpstart for the new product in the target market. The budget development process will also be used for controlling and monitoring the entire marketing planning process by focusing on performance of individual variables of the budget. Global market forces like changing customer’s preference, consolidation and the impact of increased government regulation in business strategy has drives out an incessant evolution in beverage and food industry (Brodie and Danaher, 2000). Non alcoholic beverage like, fruit juice, tea,

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