Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Experiential learning-case study. MSc in HRM Essay

Experiential learning-case study. MSc in HRM - Essay Example Experiential learning therefore directly addresses the needs and desires of the learner, rather than being dictated by the instructor. In the context of organizations, individuals acquire different skills, ideas and concepts by observing what others are doing within the organization itself. Practical solutions to problems and obstacles that confront the learner motivates him to work out solutions to problems by either observing how others do it or innovating a way of doing it that others may later imitate (Rogers & Freiburg, 1994, p 16). Starting a business for instance is usually a response to a certain need that the business is envisaged to meet. Once the business takes off however, it may not survive by sticking strictly to the original plan since other unforeseen needs arise that are met experientially. Many business organizations therefore survive through constant learning brought about by varied experiences (Rogers & Freiburg, 1994, p 17). This case study focuses on the Wegman’s Food Markets. It analyzes how the company has established a reputation, and won awards in the process, as one of the organizations with the best human resource management practices. This has been achieved almost entirely through the practice of experiential learning (Bingham, & Galagan, 2005). Though from the foregoing, experiential learning is a self-motivated process, the concept can be used to initiate and effect interventions in employee training and development by organizations (Rogers & Freiburg, 1994, p 18). One such example is Wegmans Food Markets. It is a huge chain of supermarkets ranking as one of the biggest private companies in the US. In 2005 Fortunes magazine rated it the best in among the top 100 employee friendly companies in the US (Bingham, & Galagan, 2005). The Company has some 35,000 employees in its 69 stores located in New

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