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Pop culture

In this 21 SST century, pop culture has become a hot topic among the society. The reasons that the community concerned about it are the pop culture influences the content of media and how we think, dress and act. It's well known that pop culture Is a way of life or normally known as the latest trends and styles of the youthful generation adopt and follow in this 21st century era. Incidentally, the word â€Å"pop† refers more specifically to something containing qualities of mass appeal.Hence, the pop culture Is referring to things that happen around us every day whether on clothes, movies, music, education or entertainment. As we all known, the Influence of pop culture, especially from western country, Is now widespread namely In dressing, mannerisms, food, books, entertainment and even education. The youth of today are affected by pop culture In almost every aspect of life whether It Is music, media, celebrities, fashion, and even literature. These kinds of things have become top priority for youth generation of today's world.In my opinion, pop culture brings more ad than good. This is because pop culture will affect the youth generation whose mind are easily influenced and corrupted like in the way they dress. Many of them will follow the fashion of west, such as clad in low cut tops, low waist jeans and in short very revealing outfits. They mimic western style of clothing as well free intermingling of sexes. This is because they will follow and play in the field of entertainment which is under the influence of westernizes.For example, the youth will visit video arcades, discotheques, nightclubs and other places of entertainment which they find it is exciting and fulfilling. Thus, they will expose themselves to the morally deficient elements at this kind of places. Others than that, they will pick up bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol and others behaviors that is unsuitable for people of such a young age. Besides, they will also expose themse lves to abuse and exploitation.Further, the cinema which is a part of the pop culture will also bring the negative influences to the youth generation. As an illustration, youth will tries to imitate, performs different stunts, copying styles, acting in the same way after they had watch the movies. They not only will consider the actor or the film stars as their Gods, but also catch the negative aspects shown in the movies Like violence. This will lead them no interest In their study and discontinue their studies.In conclusion, the Olin addition, the children from these families will also disrespect towards their parent and using slang language In front of their parents because of the western pop culture. The pop culture Is not only affects the youth generation and family, but It's also affects the whole community. For example, a community will radically forget their religious value besides they will slowly lose their heritage and tradition when they are In favor of western pop cultu re.Additionally, the food culture of a community will also be Influenced. For Instance, previously In Malaysia, only the ethnics food was given importance, but now the food culture importance, has drastically changed. Today's pop culture food habits include having Pizzas, burgers, Italian food or Mexican food. While the main focus of food is on fast food culture which is contain of high calories and will lead to obesity and others disease like heart out generation across the world, but it also brings some positive influences to our country.For example, a country which is ethnically and religiously diverse will become a more diversity, racial equality and tolerance with the influences of pop culture. Hence, the war or quarrel among the citizens can be avoided. On the whole, the pop culture is all around us and influences our life and culture. Depending on the day it is, the influence may be a good one. But for me, I still believe that pop culture brings more bad than good influences to us because it will affect the morality of the youth generation who is easily be affect. Pop Culture Position Essay Pop culture is a Plus for Students Every day a great number of good and bad events are happening such advances in technology, weather changes, wars, bad politicalchoices, economics effects, unfair treatments at work, charities, and so on which are researched and transmitted trough media. Media‘s information maybe not always be accurate or freely expressed, sometimes it can be distorted and as a result an entire nation can be guide wrong or good through a few persons’ analysis. Then, Why not push American population to do their own study? Pop Culture would be a plus here. The developing of this new field, pop culture, is a great opportunity to expose million of students to actual events, where they will expand and apply their researches and critically skills and as a result will corroborate media’s information. As students are in the process to learn how to think critically, and express accurately; then enforce them to think independently and make them evaluate if all what is outside is valuable. Actually, there is a fever for plastic surgery, and Wood cites in her essay some reasons like, â€Å"†¦Undergo cosmetic surgery in order to improve their lives. †(119) â€Å"Plastic surgery, he says, is â€Å"a tool. It can be used to customize your appearance in the same way you customize your car, or your pets, or the way you dress in Prada versus Dolce. †(123) I wonder in what moment people learnt to devaluate themselves and became a fake shadow of another person. After a practiced surgery, people is really happy, and all surgery have been successful are topics that matter at the moment of follow the wave. Eventually, if we teach the scholar to think critically the actual topics, they can analyze the negative and positive sides of different subjects and choose their best evaluation by themselves. In brief, Pop Culture is a worthy academic subject matter in this century and for the futures. It encourages being aware of existing events, new tendencies and how they influence in population’s behaviors. As Lee quotes, â€Å"The study of popular culture†¦is the future. †(7) Schools must reinforce it to have future generations which analyze and think critically about their decisions in today’s world, not just influence by media and mass. Works Cited Wood, Gaby. â€Å"Meet Marnie. † Mirror on America. Ed. Mims, Joan T. and Elizabeth M. Nollen. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins, 2006. 118-126. Lee, Eric. â€Å"Sclock Waves Felt across U. S. Campuses. † Mirror on America. Ed. Mims, Joan T. and Elizabeth M. Nollen. Boston: Bedford/St. Martins, 2006. 118-126. However, my concerned is; Medias are free of influences of the big guys in this county, they are really telling us the entire true in all matters. Or journalists are limited to say only what their supervisors allow to them. Medias has a big influence in us because we never take the time to see if what they say is truth. We also and specially students should be more involved in what is happening now. Popular culture is the best ways to develop skills to collect, evaluate, corroborate and inform realities that surround the world. Using this method we’ll be updated, have accurate information, and can formulate logical opinions or solutions.

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