Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Essay --

Lovers stopped in time, unable to proceed to the lip locking trophy of affection. A simple four letter word that has changed the world by its beauty and awe. What are these interesting pictures of words and love? The Kiss, a dramatic scene unfolding before everyone created by Auguste Rodin, and LOVE, the simplistic sucker punch created by Robert Indiana, are wonderful creations that have both an impact and a meaning. These two sculptures have graced the art world with all their beauty leaving some breathless. They mean so many different things with different imagining, reside in separate parts of the world, but some sculptures are more well-known. In this case LOVE is more Known. To begin with, we all think of love as this beautiful, wondrous emotion that comes with a flood of hugs, and kisses. The Kiss, also identified as Francesca da Rimini, is a stunning picture of people in love. Auguste Rodin put everything he had into making this impressionist replica of the young, adulterous couple, Paolo and Francesca, from Dante's Inferno. Created in 1889, the figure is created in a way to symbolize that the lovers are focused on each other that you can hardly see their faces. The kiss that they are about to give each other is made to not have completely gone through, because Gianciotto Malatesta, Francesca's husband, killed both of them before they could finally achieve their kiss. It is a truly sensual piece due to the couple being nude, as well as, the smooth texture of the people compared to the roughness of the marble rock below them. This piece of eye candy has so much raw emotion behind it with such a depressing backstory to back it up. Love is apparently an e xtremely complicated subject for most people to comprehend. People someti... ...ferent wonderful artists and creations pop into people's minds. Indiana's worldwide popular phenomenon is known left and right. His creation appeared in the age when Warhol was painting cans of soup and people were making art to show points and movements. Different parts of the world know more about it than many other beautifully created sculptures. Something that hits a modern heartstring most likely would be remembered more than something that someone has never read or heard about before. All in all, even though The Kiss, a beautiful, well created masterpiece, put next to LOVE, a strong simple piece of work, has a deeper meaning with many differences in numerous areas. With people passing by and posing with a squared heart and people stunned at the simplistic design remember what Oscar Wilde once said, "A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament."

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