Thursday, October 17, 2019

Final Exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 11

Final Exam - Essay Example Pain is one such emotion that will serve as a permanent reminder for the culprit thereby compelling an intuitive behavior change. In their own unique explanations, the two authors explain the need for reforming a behavior before reintroducing an individual into the society. According to the two, effective punishments further serve examples to the rest of the population in the society thus deterring any similar undesired behaviors. In chapter 20, Joshua Green and Jonathan Cohen explain the relationship between punishments and neuroscience. Criminal offenders require effective mental evaluation before recommending appropriate punishments. Through effective psychiatric evaluation, the jurists and correctional facilities will understand the unique behavior patterns of every individual criminal thus designing an appropriate corrective measure. The two contend that the primary objective of punishment is to reform behavior. This requires the concerted effort of effective punishments coupled with appropriate psychological counselling in order to develop a coherent individual who will appreciate the societal values. Neuroscience thus helps devise effective punishments that will not only make the offenders acknowledge their mistakes but also reform their behaviors in case of their reintroduction into the society â€Å"effective punishments result in permanent reformation of behaviors† (Tony 243) In explaining the role of punishment, Lode Walgrave appreciates reintroduction of the criminals into the society. He therefore vouches for restorative justice, which he explains will provide justice to the aggrieved parties by punishing the culpable individuals but also reforms the individuals thereby creating a cohesive society in which people take responsibility of their actions. Restorative justice is thus a holistic approach to punishment since it infuses reformation and healing into punishment. The key

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