Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Proposal 1 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Proposal 1 - Assignment Example The primary focus of DroneIn will cater for developing more friendly and wholesome drones. Since there is an increasing rate of insecurity, my firm will create drones that cater for the growing market. I am not ignorant of the fact that, there are other established firms, which seems to have a relatively large share in this market. As such, i have established prior mechanisms that will enable me to cater for what the big players have left out. Although there are many player in this sector, there has VectorCal appears to be more established than a vast majority of other firms in this sector. It is a long way ahead, though there are promising results a willing heart. There are a number of weaknesses that I have seen in VectorCal, this create a open gap for exploitation. As mentioned earlier, VectorCal has not fully met the growing needs of a vast majority of consumers, additionally; this firm has a relatively weak forecasting method that have mainly focussed on short term goals success, poses clear threats. Ultimately, DroneIn will seek to be the leading entity in this sector with regards to provision of friendly but yet sophisticated drones that will serve the needs of the ever change consumers. Additionally, my firm will establish long term relationships with the consumers through offering affordable and easily controllable drones (Barnhart, 2012: pg 240-241). Conclusively, my firm will strive to give the consumers a reason to continuously work with us. My target consumers mainly involve governments, private security agencies and individuals. There are prior measures that have been established to cater for the different needs that are evident in the three groups. As for the government, I have ensured that there will be more faster and yet stable drones. Since private agencies have a growing need for drones that are smaller, I have sourced out relevant technologies that will

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